Recent Examples of Our IP Recovery Work

Some recent scenarios and examples of projects we have been successfully involved in and which continue to be regular ongoing issues with new clients:

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I employed a website designer, they took my money and then stopped responding to my emails and telephone calls.

Domain Name Recovery UKSadly, this is a scenario that we see a lot. In circumstances such as this we do several things, first of all we track down the absent website designer and attempt to open the lines of communication with them to establish what has gone wrong. The overall aim is to recover your intellectual property, this normally means getting access to your domain name and or any website that has been created and transferring ownership and access to you. We provide the contact details that we have gathered and you can then use these to recover any money through the courts. If, after we have traced the absent website designer, they continue to avoid communication we will instigate the processes available through Nominet and ICANN to recover your domain names for you.

I used to have a website and have lost all of the log in details and domain name control panel details.

This again is very common, over time people change email accounts, move home, move business, employees that have managed these things leave and move on and with time access to your intellectual property can be lost. We offer a very quick service where we can reacquaint you with your domain name and website accounts.

We want to acquire a domain name that is already registered as the name is important to our business / brand / identity.

This is another common task that we are involved in, if your brand identity depends on using a certain domain name and if that domain name has been registered already we can help in several ways, either by negotiation and acquisition or by pursuing a dispute case covering any one of the following:

  • Trade mark law issues
  • It is registered to an old web designer
  • Cybersquatting
  • It is registered to a competitor
  • Typo squatting
  • It is registered by an ex employee

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